OHM Programs

Once you’ve modified your home, you’ll begin enjoying new freedoms immediately.  Why not let freedom from maintenance be a part of your new lifestyle?  OHM can create a proposal for you, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your elevator, stair lift, platform lift, or ceiling lift products.

Maintenance Control Program (MCP)

OHM’s state certified and approved Maintenance Control Program provides the highest level of maintenance in the industry. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to preventive maintenance and perform a variety of system checks ensuring maximum life expectancy for your elevator, platform lift, stair chair or ceiling lift products – saving you money.

OHM’s Maintenance Control Program includes the following:

– Prompt emergency response
– Compliance of all State, fire, electrical and local codes
– Systematic Elevator Maintenance:

  • Scheduled cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments
  • Check control panel, relays, wiring, and brakes
  • Clean and condition machine room
  • Examine operating and safety controls
  • Check all signs, lights, emergency system, stopping accuracy
  • Perform any necessary repairs
  • Make any equipment recommendations for change, modifications or upgrades
  • Monitior parts subject to wear and replace, as needed, prior to failure

Schedule an Appointment for Consultation
We’ll discuss our complete line of progams and determine the specific products and services that work best for you, your home, your budget and your lifestyle.

Need Help Now? We’re here for you offering prompt and reliable maintenance services.  That’s the OHM difference! Call (253) 530-7300.

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