Ceiling Mount & Overhead Lifts

These lifts, both portable freestanding units and fixed track, transport a person from one area to another in your home, providing enhanced mobility for an individual. They give someone the freedom to enjoy a bath, eat at the kitchen table, or sleep in their own bed. Let OHM work with you to find the best solution for your unique situation.

Overhead Lift

Overhead Lifts (Medical C-Series)

Delivering innovation, reliability, along with superior comfort and safety, the C-Series addresses many of the issues that make patient transfer complex or difficult. The C-Series has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver.

Built for a quiet operation, the C-Series provides a smooth and effortless transfer that will safely enhance the working conditions of patients/residents and caregivers. With various weight capacities, these lifts will meet the needs of even the most demanding clinical environments.

Encompassing waterproof pneumatic controls are complimented by on-board controls, a digital display (LCD), auto shut-off, and numerous safety features including emergency power lowering, the C-Series innovative features explain why it’s among the most advanced ceiling lifts available.

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We’ll discuss our complete line of ceiling mount and overhead lifts, and determine the specific products and services that work best for you, your home, your budget and your lifestyle.

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